Storage Tanks & Silos

It’s common for the exterior and interior paint on industrial storage tanks and silos to break down when exposed to industrial processes or such severe elements as intense sunlight, heat, cold, snow, and rain. Arpac Painting specializes in the industrial painting of storage tanks and silos for just such situations. Our Ottawa industrial painting group can help to protect your valuable investments by painting them in part or in full. Our painters will implement such surface preparation techniques as sandblasting or high-pressure washing in a securely contained environment prior to painting your industrial storage tanks and silos. In addition to painting the interior or exterior of storage tanks and silos, our Ottawa industrial painting professionals are capable of restoring storage tank and silo interior linings made from such materials as epoxy, flake glass, polyurethane, fiberglass, matted fiberglass, and polyuria.

To ensure their safety, our Ottawa industrial painting team adheres to Arpac Painting’ confined space safety procedures when painting the interiors of industrial storage tanks and silos. A variety of companies operating in Southern Ontario’s oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, mining, and pulp and paper industries have relied on our Ottawa industrial painting technicians for our high-standard storage tanks and silos painting services! To learn more about our storage tanks and silos painting services, please contact us. Feel free to inquire about the many other industrial painting services we offer industrial company owners in and around Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Goulbourn, Petawawa, Russell, Pembroke, Hawkesbury, Arnprior, and Renfrew:

Our painters also provide their commercial painting and house painting expertise too! Read some of our customer projects testimonials and take a peek at our gallery of projects to discover how our Ottawa industrial painting experts have helped other industrial companies solve their storage tanks and silos issues.

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